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Our Acoustical
Consulting Services

  • Noise and Vibration Measurements
  • Noise Level Monitoring Programs
  • Noise Management Reports
  • Acoustical Permitting Studies
  • Detailed Frequency Analysis
  • Noise Impact Computer Modeling
  • Mitigation Evaluation and Design
  • Noise Mitigation Systems

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Project Locations

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Offshore Platform Drilling Noise Monitoring

Wireless Noise Monitoring of Offshore Drilling


Compressor Acosutical Enclosure Design/Install


Production Facility Equipment Noise Control

Drilling Rig Perimeter Sound Wall

Urban Drill Site Perimeter Sound Wall

Fiber Optics Directional Drilling Mitigation

Directional Drilling Temporary Sound Wall

Urban Drilling Noise Impact Model

Directional Drilling Noise and Vibration Monitoring and Mitigation

Urban Drilling Community Noise Impact Model

Drilling Noise Community Impact Model

Jersey Barrier (K-Rail) Mounted Blanket Sound Wall

Drill Rig Sound Control

18 ft High Drill Rig Perimeter Wall

Rig Floor Noise Mitigation

Drill Rig Acoustical Perimeter Wall


Compressor Station Permanent Sound Wall

Noise Impact Model of Drilling Rig

Drill Rig Sound Level Survey

Temporary Compressor Acoustical Wall

Hospital Noise Mitigation System

Compressor Station Mitigation Wall


16 Foot High Perimeter Drilling Rig Sound Wall

24 Foot High Perimeter Drilling Rig Sound Wall


Temporary Urban Drilling Sound Wall


Temporary Drilling Sound Wall


Acoustical Blanket Compressor Sound Wall

Drilling Rig Wireless Noise Monitoring

Drilling Rig Floor Noise Control

32 Foot High Perimeter Drilling Rig Sound Wall

Perimeter Drilling Rig Sound Wall

Compressor Station Hybrid Wall

Rural Gas Plant Noise Impact Model

32 Foot High Temporary Acoustical Blanket Sound Wall for Natural Gas Compressor

Drilling Rig Temporary Blanket Sound Wall

Gas Plant Operational Noise Impact Model

Gas Plant Operational Noise Frequency Analysis

Gas Well Acoustical Leak Detection System

Remote Noise Monitoring of Natural Gas Production Facility


Gas Compresssor Acoustical Buidling


Endangered Raptor Noise Impact Analysis

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