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Compressor Sound Enclosures

Acoustical enclosures for lift gas compressors and other noisy equipment are designed with a modular, dual wall tongue and groove panel system which allows for quick set-up and removal of wall and ceiling panels. Our acoustical enclosures are customizable in shape and size to enclose noisy equipment and provide adequate access and room for maintenance. ENC designs the enclosures and submits detailed drawings for approval to ensure the enclosure meets the needs and concerns of our clients.

The acoustical compressor enclosure system design includes pre-hung acoustically rated doors, easily removable access panels, and air intake and discharge silencers packages. The enclosures are available with passive (non-powered) and fan-powered forced air circulation systems to meet the heating and airflow requirements of the enclosed equipment. The enclosures can be retrofitted with electrical wiring to power lights, gas detectors, alarms, or any other required safety equipment. The galvanized steel exterior can be painted to satisfy any aesthetic requirements.

The modular design of our acoustical panel system consists of individual tongue and groove wall and roof panels constructed of 18 gauge galvanized solid steel exterior skin, 22 gauge galvanized perforated steel interior liner, and minimum 18 gauge galvanized longitudinal steel stiffeners spaced a maximum of 16 inches apart. The acoustical panels are fabricated to a maximum width of 45 ½ inches, a maximum height of 16 feet, and are available in 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch thicknesses.

The panel interiors are filled with glass fiber insulation with a minimum density of three pounds per cubic foot. The insulation is corrosion and moisture resistant and rated noncombustible as defined by NFPA Standard 220 when tested in accordance with ASTM E136. Surface burning characteristics per ASTM E84 have a Flame Spread rating of 15 and a Smoke Development of 0.

Our acoustical compressor enclosures are typically installed on concrete pads or other solid foundations, but some situations require the enclosures to have floor panels. Available floor panels are constructed with 16 gauge galvanized solid steel upper skin, and 22 gauge galvanized solid steel lower skin. Floor panels with perforated lower skins are available when necessary to increase sound absorption. The spacing of internal longitudinal stiffeners of the floor panels does not exceed 8 inches.

The acoustical performance of the noise barrier wall and roof panels based on panel thickness is provided bellow. The absorption coefficient and transmission loss (dB) data are provided by octave band frequency as well as the overall noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and sound transmission class (STC) rating of the panels.

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Acoustical Enclosure Panel Absorption Coefficient

Acoustical Enclosure Panel Transmission Loss (dB)