Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Behrens & Associates – Environmental Noise Control was established in 1993 in Southern California to provide noise & vibration measurement, sound & vibration level monitoring, noise impact modeling, and drilling noise control services along with specially designed pre-engineered sound control systems and specialty material systems for urban Oil & Gas drilling, facing, and production operations. ENC is the only full-service acoustical engineering & sound control system designer and installer with noise mitigation systems available for rental or purchase in stock, ready to be installed on any site anywhere in the world. ENC specializes in practical, cost-effective noise code and design analysis, field measurement, monitoring, and computer noise impact modeling solutions for its clients.


For over 17 years, Behrens & Associates – Environmental Noise Control has been playing a leading role in the world of Oil and Gas exploration and production of sound and vibration by helping with the development and implementation of urban oil & gas sound control and level verification systems and by contributing heavily in the development of drilling and production acoustics and vibration sciences themselves. Many ENC employees are experts in their respective fields and are often asked to speak at seminars and conferences to advise on new standards, etc. ENC’s expertise comes from within its organization & working closely with its partners and customers on oil & gas sound control challenges.

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