Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Portable Acoustical Panels

Environmental Noise Control, Inc’s portable acoustical panels provide all the noise mitigation benefits of its STC-25 Acoustical Blankets with the versatility & portability of a lightweight, stable, free-standing steel frame. The system is available for short and long-term rental or purchase outright.

ENC’s portable acoustical panels were developed to mitigate excessive noise generated by hydraulic fracturing equipment used in the production of oil & natural gas. The effectiveness of the portable panel system in mitigating “frac” noise has led to the system being applied for many other noise control applications, including portable generators, directional drilling, compressor & construction equipment-related noise.

ENC’s portable panel system is designed to be installed as close to the offending noise source as possible. The panel system includes reversible base supports for versatility in placement, positioning, and diagonal bracing for added stability.

The framing system of ENC’s portable panels allows for a modular approach to easily enclose the offending noise source and prevent harmful & annoying noise from propagating outward. Quick to assemble & disassemble, a panel system is an excellent approach for noise mitigation applications where it is impractical or uneconomical to erect a traditional sound wall.

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