Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Acoustically Rated Buildings

Environmental Noise Control, Inc’s Model “BR” Acoustical Building system is designed to have a superior sound transmission class (STC) rating along with a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) to effectively block & absorb unwanted noise created by gas compressors and related equipment. ENC’s acoustical compressor buildings are fitted with air intake and discharge silencers, ducting, acoustically rated man doors, roll-up doors, and overhead cranes and are fully customizable.

ENC’s Model “BR” Acoustical Building system is designed utilizing standard metal building technology, including pre-painted exterior metal surfaces and conventional structural support construction. An acoustical absorber material and an acoustical barrier septum material are installed between the metal exterior of the building and the interior perforated metal skin.

The combination and spacing of the acoustical barrier septum and acoustical absorber material in the building wall dictate at which frequencies the peak noise absorption and transmission loss are achieved. After performing detailed frequency measurements of the compressor noise, ENC optimizes the acoustical performance of each of its acoustical compressor buildings by designing a custom combination of inner wall materials to best block and absorb the measured compressor frequency spectrum.

To provide the necessary airflow to the gas compressor units while at the same time providing optimum industrial noise control, ENC installs an integral intake, discharge silencer, and ducting system, which are incorporated within the acoustical building. Computer noise model evaluation determines the design, placement, and sizing of the air intake and discharge silencers system.

Certified laboratory tests on the ENC Model “BR” Acoustical Building wall and roof system established an STC-40 rating per ASTM E 413-87 and an NRC of 1.15 per ASTM E 795-93. ENC’s acoustical buildings can be constructed in any size or geometry to enclose the noise sources and provide the required sound attenuation.

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