Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Drilling Rig Sound Control Systems

As the number of oil & gas drilling rigs and directional drilling operations in urban areas continues to increase across the United States, concern grows about the associated environmental noise impact of the rigs, like drilling rig noise control and accompanying ancillary equipment. Many cities, counties, and states have developed noise ordinances that require operators to meet specific decibel level requirements when they drill in urban settings.

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. has developed a multi-layered approach to helping operators meet the requirements of the increasingly strict noise ordinances and noise measurement requirements. ENC’s experienced personnel meet with operators and review applicable laws to determine the best drilling rig noise control solutions on a site-by-site basis. The most commonly implemented noise mitigation methods include the installation of temporary perimeter sound walls, rig floor, and substructure blanket panels, generator pac sound control systems, and drawworks brake shroud systems.

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