Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Noise & Vibration Level Measurement & Monitoring

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. offers a variety of sound & vibration level measurement and monitoring services designed to aid its clients in solving their undesirable noise and vibration-related problems. ENC conducts sound & vibration measurement surveys to facilitate future oil and gas drill site permitting, to verify ordinance compliance of existing oil and gas drill sites, and to analyze the noise impact of various oil and gas-related operations. Many cities require ambient sound level measurements and noise management plans as part of the permitting process for future oil and gas drill sites, compressor sites, fracing operations, and pipeline excavation operations. ENC conducts ambient sound level surveys, calculates allowable operational sound levels, and provides a report for its client to add to the permitting package. Typical ambient sound level surveys last 24 or 72 hours but can be customized to any length to satisfy city permitting requirements.

ENC also provides noise management plans for its clients operating in cities that require more than simple ambient sound level measurements. ENC’s noise management plans typically include ambient sound level measurements, calculations of allowable operational sound levels, expected operational sound levels, identification of sensitive noise receptors, the expectation of compliance with permissible sound levels, and possible noise mitigation options. In addition to requiring ambient sound level measurements for permitting, many cities have established allowable maximum sound levels for oil and gas-related on-site activity. ENC conducts compliance sound level surveys and provides its clients with a report evaluating the measured operational sound levels. The duration of ENC’s compliance sound level surveys varies depending on applicable noise ordinances, ranging from quick 10-minute measurements to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and continuous noise level monitoring.

ENC also goes beyond basic permitting and compliance reports and offers its clients detailed operational noise analysis surveys. ENC’s detailed noise analysis reports, customized to its client’s needs, can include any of the following: instantaneous sound levels, average sound levels, maximum and minimum sound levels, 1/3 or 1/1 octave band frequency sound levels, extreme low frequency (ELF) sound levels, infrasound sound levels, audio recordings, and detailed fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and constant percentage bandwidth (CPB) 1/N octave analysis. Using these measurements, ENC can provide its clients with detailed frequency analysis, noise source identification, and effective noise mitigation options.

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