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Generator Pac Sound Control System

Environmental Noise Control, Inc’s Generator Pac Sound Control barrier wall packages are designed to provide adequate sound control for the generator skid units and the Canpac skids of top drive drilling rigs. Typically, a 16-foot high STC-25 temporary generator noise control wall system is installed around the generators, mud pump skids, and the Canpac skids as close as possible to the noise sources while allowing for access and adequate airflow. Installing an STC-25 acoustical barrier wall around the generators, mud pumps, and Canpac skids can reduce operational noise levels by 15 to 22 dBA. ENC’s Generator Pac Sound Control noise barrier wall system is constructed with 8-foot high by 20-foot long steel frames and 8-foot high by 20-foot long STC-­25 acoustical blankets mounted on each frame.

Each blanket panel has a 1-foot wide sealing flap on the bottom on one side to provide acoustical sealing with the adjacent panels when installed. The acoustical panels are typically installed two panels high (16′ high) and affixed to steel support poles installed on 10-foot centers. The acoustical panels are connected to the vertical support structures with specially designed connectors that allow quick installation and removal for drilling rig noise control.

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