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Hybrid Permanent Sound Walls

The ENC Model “R” Hybrid Permanent Sound Control Barrier Wall system is designed to have superior sound loss rating (STC) along with a highly absorbent surface performance (NRC) to effectively block and absorb gas compressor noise. Our standard Model “R” Sound Wall system is laboratory tested to meet an STC-40 rating per ASTM E 413-87 and an NRC of 1.15 per ASTM E 795-93. The acoustical walls are typically installed in heights ranging from 12 feet high to 32 feet high, depending on the height of the noise source and the required sound attenuation.

The ENC Model “R” Permanent Sound Control Barrier Wall system is designed with a pre-painted exterior metal surface with a perforated metal liner. An acoustical absorber material along with a specialized “barrier septum” material is installed between the exterior and interior metal skins. The “barrier septum” material is custom designed for each compressor wall, based on the frequency content of the noise generated by the compressor and the required sound mitigation performance of the walls.

To provide adequate air flow to the gas compressor units while at the same time providing optimum sound control, we have developed a modified sound wall system with integral intake and discharge silencers incorporated within the sound wall. The hybrid sound wall system design allow for increased air flow to the compressor fan units while at the same time blocking compressor noise. The design and sizing of the air intake and discharge silencers are determined by a computer noise model evaluation.

Our Model “R” Hybrid Permanent Sound Control Barrier Wall system typically reduces equipment noise levels 12 to 20 dBA on the sides of the compressor equipment equipped with the integral silencer units. All permanent gas compressor hybrid sound walls are pre-engineered to meet or exceed IBC wind and seismic loading requirements.

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