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Temporary Perimeter Sound Walls

Temporary drilling rig & directional drilling operation sound walls typically range in height from 16 to 32 feet. They can be installed on one, two, three, or all four sides of a drilling rig and associated support equipment to meet the sound control requirements of the site. Environmental Noise Control Inc’s STC-25 modular acoustical temporary rig noise control system is designed to effectively block drilling rig-related noise from propagating into the surrounding environment while allowing for quick and efficient installation & removal. Typically, temporary sound walls are installed at the perimeter of the drill site between the noise-generating drilling equipment and the sensitive off-site noise receptors.

For optimum rig noise control, the sound walls & noise barrier walls should be positioned as close as possible to the noise sources while allowing for access and adequate airflow. ENC’s STC-25-rated sound wall panels typically reduce equipment noise levels by 15 to 22 dBA on the sides of the equipment where the wall is installed. All temporary drilling rig sound walls are pre-engineered to meet or exceed IBC wind and seismic loading requirements. ENC’s sound wall panel system is constructed with 8-foot high by 20-foot long steel frames, and 8-foot high by 20-foot long STC-­25 acoustical blankets mounted on each frame.

Each blanket panel has a 1-foot wide sealing flap on the bottom and one side to provide acoustical sealing with the adjacent panels when installed. The noise barrier walls can be installed one panel high (8′ high), two panels high (16′ high), three panels high (24′ high), or four panels high (32′ high) and affixed to steel support poles or I-beams installed on 10-foot centers. The acoustical panels are connected to the vertical support structures with specially designed connectors that allow quick installation and removal. Where site conditions do not allow for structural support augmentation, ENC offers a “K” rail-supported temporary rig noise control system.

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