We specialize in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Environmental Noise Control

Behrens and Associates Environmental Noise Control is a world leading provider of innovative sound control solutions, noise impact modeling and prediction, and specialty sound and vibration systems and materials for oil & gas sound control, fracing, production, and transmission operations. We help our customers solve their sound problems – from sound and vibration level monitoring of drilling, fracing and production operations to providing computer noise impact modeling to designing temporary and permanent compressor noise mitigation systems to installing sound control systems, sound walls, acoustical enclosures and acoustically rated buildings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers analyze their noise issues and to provide innovative noise control solutions to meet regulatory requirements and to limit the noise impacts associated with exploration, fracing and production operations on the environment. In this way, we enhance the environment and the quality of life for the operators and all affected by off-site noise impacts.

A National Organization

Behrens and Associates Environmental Noise Control is a nationwide company with a large acoustic, noise and vibration consulting and engineering group based in California with regional offices staffed with experienced field noise, oil & gas sound control, technicians and sound control material inventories.

Pioneers and Innovators

Innovation has always been the core of our business. We’re proud of this tradition and continue to develop and face the challenges posed to us by our customers.

Noise Control by Industry


Film/Recording Studios, Outdoor Concerts, Filming and Special Events


Restaurants, Stores, Office Buildings


Residential Development Studies, Home Theaters


Equipment and Process Noise Mitigation, Noise Impact Studies


Demolition, Excavation, Tunneling, Public Works Projects, Noise Abatement Studies

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