We specialize in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Oil & Gas Drilling Noise Control Products & Services

We are the only full service acoustical sound control system designer and installer of drilling rig noise mitigation systems available for rental or purchase in stock ready to be installed on any site anywhere in the world. We specialize in practical, cost-effective drilling rig noise control and noise code and design analysis, field measurement, monitoring, and noise impact modeling solutions for our clients. Noise measurement, monitoring and mitigation capabilities include:

  • Ambient Sound Level Surveys
  • Continuous Noise Monitoring
  • Noise Abatement Plans
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Noise Control Design
  • Compliance Verification Testing
  • Employee Noise Exposure Testing

Specially designed pre-engineered environmental noise control systems for drilling rigs, fracing operations, production equipment, directional drilling, pipeline excavation and gas compressors are provided on a rental bases for temporary sound control and for purchase for permanent installations. Drilling rig noise control systems include:

  • Temporary Perimeter Sound Walls
  • Temporary Drilling Rig Generator Sound Control Systems
  • Drilling Rig Floor, Derrick and Sub-structure Sound Blanket Barrier Panels
  • Draw Works Brake Shroud Sound Control System
  • Production Equipment Acoustical Enclosures and Sound Control Systems
  • Gas Compressor Sound Walls, Acoustical Enclosures and Acoustical Buildings

Computer noise impact modeling is provided by PREDICTOR version 6.2 from Bruel & Kjaer, the leading EU ISO Certified computer impact modeling software. Typical noise impact modeling projects including:

  • Drilling Rig Noise Impact Modeling
  • Fracing Operations Noise Impact Modeling
  • Gas Compressor Station Noise Impact Modeling
  • Facility and Plant Noise Impact Modeling

We also provide a complete line of technical support services for any environmental noise control associated with permitting, drilling, fracing and production, including:

  • Noise Abatement Studies and Reports
  • Noise Permit Reports
  • Community and Municipal Meeting Representation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Facility and Site Noise Studies
  • EIR, EIS, HUD, OSHA, CAC Title 24, CEQA, Studies and Reports

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