Environmental Noise Control specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and mitigation.

Portable Drilling Rig Sound Control

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. designs, fabricates & installs acoustical panels and enclosures for more minor, temporary drilling operations to help ENC’s clients decrease the noise impact of drilling operations on surrounding areas. In addition to workover rigs in the oil & gas industry, ENC has implemented noise control solutions on portable rigs drilling water wells, sewer lines, and reserves drilling for fiber optics cable installation.

ENC designs enclosures for one-time use around portable drilling rigs & reusable noise mitigation systems. The one-time-use noise mitigation systems are designed as free-standing structures with no permanent connections to the mobile drilling rig.

Reusable noise mitigation systems are designed to be quickly installed & removed on a portable drilling rig to allow the sound control system to move rapidly with the rig from job to job. The reusable systems are usually designed to attach directly to the rig through welded brackets or a clamping system.

ENC’s portable drilling rig noise mitigation systems are made with its unique acoustical blankets and steel frame system. ENC typically uses acoustical blankets with an STC-25 rating, but ENC can fabricate custom blankets to meet any noise code requirements. The acoustical blanket and frame systems are designed & fabricated to meet its client’s unique noise control needs.

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