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Drawworks Brake Shroud Systems

To reduce drawworks brake noise levels, ENC fabricates and installs a three piece drawworks brake shroud sound mitigation system. The acoustical draw works brake shroud is composed of three STC-35 acoustical blanket panels. One acoustical panel is designed to line the base of the drum housing and is designed for both sound absorption and barriering of the brake noise within the draw works housing. A two piece blanket panel system was designed to be installed on the front portion the drawworks housing to provide drilling rig noise control and absorption of the drawworks steel housing and to reduce the area of the cable travel, thus reducing the noise escaping from the draw works housing. Each drawworks shroud system is custom fabricated for the rig’s draw work. Drawworks brake noise control of 5 to 12 dBA on the rig floor can be achieved with the installation of this new system.

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